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Artworks in edition are works of art produced and sold in a limited edition. This means that there is a set number of copies of the artwork available for purchase, rather than just one unique copy as with an original artwork.

Printed artworks can be produced in different ways, depending on the medium and technique used. For example, for an artwork in edition of an etching or engraving, the image is etched or engraved on a metal plate, after which the image can be printed multiple times. For an artwork in edition of a photographic print, a negative is made from the image, then multiple prints can be made from the negative.

Printed artworks are often numbered and signed by the artist to ensure their authenticity. The number of the artwork indicates which copy it is in the total edition (for example, 1/100, 2/100, etc.) and the artist’s signature confirms that the artwork has been authorized and approved.

Artworks in edition are often sold as reproductions of original works of art, and they are often relatively affordable and accessible to art lovers. They are often printed on high-quality materials and can be a valuable addition to an art collection.