Amigos (friends)


  • Technique Acrylic on Linen
  • Size 75 x 160 cm
  • Edition Unica
  • Art purchase scheme 10 X 335,00 interest-free
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Amigos (friends) is an absolute masterpiece by Angeles Nieto! This original painting was made with acrylic paint on linen. Angeles further manipulated it with ink, string and oil pastels, among other things. The sides of the work are painted through, so it can go right on the wall! Comes with certificate of authenticity. To view this painting, please contact us.

Angeles Nieto (born Madrid, 1963) is a Spanish artist. Her works have something in common: vibrancy, a trait she also personally exudes. Southern influences such as bright light, transparency, cheerfulness spread by sunlight. A very personal style in which her use of color is particularly striking, deliberate and at the same time exuberant. The Mediterranean sun seems to shine in her work. The paintings are exuberant, colorful, full of emotion and seem to contain dreams. Let your heart speak is her motto and it shows in her extraordinary work that you never just walk by. She crafts the work as a game, a conversation between what has been painted and what remains to be painted, always seeking balance.

“We are dust (matter) of the stars. Our body is made of the same matter, so is our spiritual life. Together we are part of the universe, we are also stars. The stars (celestial bodies), the dream world, or being able to fly as an expression of freedom often appear in my images.”

Amersfoort Art has a fine collection of paintings, silkscreens, monotypes and bronze works by Angeles Nieto.