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The artworks of Caspar van Houten are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Caspar van Houten

Caspar van Houten (born Antwerp, 1966) is a Belgian artist. He has always remained true to "his" Flemish Country and still lives and works there.

Impressions artworks by Caspar van Houten

Caspar first chose and developed an entirely different career from his current profession as an artist after his academic training. Initially, he worked as a secondary school visual arts teacher and later as a graphic designer for some companies.

In recent years, Caspar has become very involved in painting. His work has developed greatly as a result. Caspar has been able to attach a distinct signature to his work. Simple shapes, solid contours and especially the use of bright, bold colors are responsible for this.

The night silence is preferably the moment when Caspar entrusts his creativity to the - at first - virginal white canvas.