Balloon Rabbit Silver


  • Technique Sculpture with zinc alloy
  • Size 33 cm
  • Edition 500
  • Inclusive Luxury gift box
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Balloon Rabbit Silver: A work of art by Editions Studio

Details and specifications

This handsome, very highly finished Balloon Rabbit Silver has a height of 33 cm and features zinc alloy. Weighing a whopping 2.5 kg, this work of art exudes robustness and elegance. Each Balloon Rabbit Silver comes in a luxurious gift box and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This exclusive edition is limited to only 500 copies, making it a rare and valuable collector’s item.

About Editions Studio

Originating from France, Editions Studio has become a renowned name in the art world. Our dedication to providing superior quality artwork has earned us tremendous popularity among art lovers and connoisseurs.

Balloon Rabbit: An iconic work of art

Our most renowned series, including the Balloon Dog and Balloon Rabbit (after), have been featured in some of the most prestigious galleries and auction houses around the world. Welcome to the exciting world of Editions Studio Art! We are passionate about creating breathtaking yet affordable works of art, available exclusively in limited editions. Our inspiration comes from some of the world’s most iconic artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The inspiration behind Balloon Rabbit

The Balloon Rabbit was inspired by the iconic works of Jeff Koons, an artist known for his reflective stainless steel sculptures. Koons’ Balloon Dog and Rabbit sculptures have fetched substantial sums at auctions, underscoring their popularity and value. These works of art capture the essence of joy and celebration from childhood and resemble the inflated balloon figures often found at carnivals and birthday parties.

A unique collector’s item

With its impeccable finish and reflective surface, the Balloon Rabbit Silver exudes an aura of elegance and craftsmanship. The viewer’s reflection in the polished surface adds an element of self-referentiality and engagement, fostering a sense of connection to the artwork. This makes it not only a visually appealing addition to any art collection, but also an engaging topic of conversation.

Exclusivity and luxury

Each Balloon Rabbit Silver is a limited edition, meaning only 500 are available worldwide. This increases the exclusivity and value of the artwork, making it a must-have for serious art collectors. The luxurious gift box and certificate of authenticity make it a perfect gift for special occasions.

Why choose Balloon Rabbit Silver?

If you are looking for a piece of art that exudes both elegance and playful charm, the Balloon Rabbit Silver is the perfect choice. It combines the classic appeal of Jeff Koons’ iconic style with the high-quality workmanship and exclusivity you would expect from Editions Studio. Add this unique piece to your collection and enjoy its timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

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