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‘Orange Earth’ is a beautiful oil painting by Emiliana Cordaro, a fantastic work of art of an extraordinary nature. This painting is created with rich layers of oil paint on high-quality linen, which is carefully stretched on a solid aluminum frame, making it instantly ready to grace your wall. Moreover, this artwork comes with an official certificate of authenticity. You can admire it in our gallery in Amersfoort, and it is also available in our art loan. If you prefer to purchase online, that is also possible. After placing your order, we will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery appointment. Don’t forget to take a look at our gallery impression on YouTube.

Born in Maarssen in 1967, Emiliana successfully completed her art studies at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Emiliana excels at rendering impressionist oil paintings that bring to life the splendor of diverse landscapes. She finds her inspiration in the world around her, ranging from quaint Italian villages to vast European moors, and everything in between. Her artwork goes beyond merely capturing reality; above all, it manages to capture the atmosphere of the landscape. She transforms the landscape into an artistic composition of shapes, lines, colors and contrasts. Using vibrant pigments, she creates colors reminiscent of William Turner’s later work. By carefully applying paint and pigments in several layers, she manages to create images with an intense atmosphere, sometimes almost transparent, bringing the original landscape to life. The abundant paint and pigments result in paintings of impressive depth and texture, which, like a fine wine, take time to be fully appreciated. Despite the clearly modern slant of her work, it also exudes a classical charm, thanks in part to her beautiful rendering of “Dutch skies.

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