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All of Francisca Kalmijn's artwork is on display and for sale in the gallery.

Francisca Kalmijn

Francisca Kalmijn's artworks consist mainly of portraits, landscapes and water features. She had a strong urge to create and has made hundreds of paintings since she studied at the Utrecht Art Academy.

Impressions artworks by Francisca Kalmijn

In her early childhood, she often took walks in nature with her grandfather. Then she told him what she had seen. Even then, she had her own unique way of looking at nature.

Her colorful paintings show how light reflects in water. Mysterious reflections, the waterfront and flowers are important elements in her work.

Her biggest challenge was painting the special Dutch light that reflects different colors in the changing seasons. Consequently, the Dutch masters were a source of inspiration.

Amersfoort Art has a beautiful series of abstract paintings by Francisca Kalmijn in its collection. Here, the color reflections in light and water are an important stylistic aspect of her work.