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Ger van Tankeren

Amersfoort Art stocks a large collection of bronze and bronze sculptures by Ger van Tankeren. Stop by our gallery or order the sculptures online.

Impressions images by Ger van Tankeren

Ger van Tankeren (born Maastricht, 1964) is a Dutch artist. His bronze sculptures are characterized by their outstanding quality and diversity of subjects. Ger is an autodidact of the highest order. This artist has no artistic training but has developed his skills by making art all his life.

Today, Ger van Tankeren is a highly regarded artist who creates beautiful sculptures, large and small. Everything shows the great craftsmanship of this artist.

The bronze sculptures are elegant, full of detail and appeal to a wide range of people. Many sculptures are made of a tin alloy after which they are bronzed. The images have different themes, perfect for the home and suitable for the professional atmosphere. A wonderful gift to give and to get!