In The Mood Classic (Saxophone)


  • Technique Burnished
  • Size 40 cm
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In the mood classic (saxophone) – art sculpture by Ger van Tankeren

Discover the beautiful art sculpture In The Mood Classic (Saxophone), designed by renowned Dutch artist Ger van Tankeren. A perfect combination of elegance and craftsmanship, this unique work of art makes a wonderful and original gift for any art lover.

Material and finishing

Ger van Tankeren’s sculptures are made from a high-quality tin alloy, which is then finished with bronze. Much of the sculptures are attached to a solid marble base, which adds to the durability and luxurious appearance of the artwork. Each image comes with a card with the title and a biography of the artist, adding an extra personal touch.

About the artist

Ger van Tankeren (Maastricht, 1964) is a self-taught artist who has developed his skills over the years by constantly creating art. Despite lacking formal art training, he rose to become a highly regarded artist. His sculptures are characterized by excellent value for money and appeal to a wide audience.

Applications and themes

Ger van Tankeren’s sculptures are versatile and fit perfectly in both domestic and professional settings. The different themes of his works make them suitable for various occasions. In addition, thanks to their affordability and beautiful designs, these works of art are very popular as corporate gifts.

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