Mr. Pokerface


  • Technique Hand-painted resin
  • Size 19 x 17 x 42 cm
  • Delivery time 3-5 business days
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Mr. Poker face – image from The Professionals series by Guillermo Forchino

Mr. Pokerface is a beautiful sculpture from The Professionals series by talented artist Guillermo Forchino. This unique artwork is an ideal gift for a birthday or as a corporate gift.

Intriguing story behind Mr. Pokerface

The clock pointed to 5:00 in the morning. Pablo Pares had been playing nonstop for 12 hours. Two drops of sweat slid down his forehead. He could not believe his eyes: the three cards he had just dealt formed a magnificent royal straight flush. He did his best not to show any emotion.

He felt the vein in his sleep triple in volume. His heart pounded like a drum in his chest, his arm began to tremble, his vision blurred … and he fainted as he fell under the table. Three hours later, when he woke up in the emergency room, his fist balled his royal straight flush so tightly that for hours no one could take the cards out of his hand.

A work of art for every occasion

Mr. Pokerface is not only a work of art, but also a fascinating topic of conversation. Its detailed design and fascinating background make it a valuable addition to any art collection. Whether you are an art lover or looking for a gift, this sculpture is sure to impress.

Guillermo Forchino

About Guillermo Forchino

Guillermo Forchino is known for his humorous and detailed images that often tell a story. With his series The Professionals, he brings everyday professions to life in a unique and artistic way. Each sculpture is crafted with care and skill, resulting in a work of art that is both visually appealing and emotionally resonant.

Perfect gift for any art lover

Whether you’re looking to surprise someone with a gift or expand your own art collection, Mr. B. Pokerface is an excellent choice. The sculpture is a real eye-catcher and is sure to attract admiration.

Discover the magic of Guillermo Forchino’s work and add Mr. Forchino to the mix. Poker face added to your collection. Visit Amersfoort Art for more information and to order this beautiful artwork.