The Businessman


  • Technique Hand-painted resin
  • Size N/A cm
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The Businessman is an image from Guillermo Forchino’s series The Professionals. Beautiful sculpture as a gift for a birthday or as a corporate gift. Free shipping in the Netherlands (Belgium €8.95) – Delivery time 1-3 working days.

Chris was a happy man, no doubt a winner. “Fortune smiles at the courageous,” he had a habit of saying. His schedule was always overflowing. When he was not on business, he was in the office giving orders, making phone calls, sending messages and emails or buying and selling stocks. A hyperactive one. When he traveled by plane, it was always in business class and took advantage of his VIP status. He wore only custom-made Italian shoes, English tailored suits and shirts of the best quality. He slept only 4 hours a night and dreamed of financial markets and stock options. He saw himself as the future president of the company, until one day a huge wave of stress and a terrible nervous breakdown caused him to reconsider his life. He bought a mountain cabin, a hammock for two and went butterfly hunting from time to time. Chris is really a cheerful guy.