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Jack Liemburg's artwork is on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Jack Liemburg

Jack Liemburg is an artist who offers an art experience in his own unique and inimitable way. His paintings are often laced with passion, power and rebellion.

Impressions artworks by Jack Liemburg

A characteristic feature of his work is the combination of painting techniques and photography. Jack draws his inspiration from the everyday but especially from extraordinary encounters, travel and music. All these elements can be found in his unique paintings that splash off the wall like true statements. Jack's artworks are included in collections at home and abroad.

Artist Jack Limburg distinguishes creative uniqueness with a symbiosis of photographic painting, combining it with his penchant for grotesque monumental subjects and the fragile raw beauty of the everyday. Nothing is what it seems and without conventions, Jack, like a shaman armed with symbolic drums and unprecedented color palette, folds the world into a spectacle in which the viewer is transported like an explorer to unknown dimensions in which the imagination can come to fruition.

Every artwork by Jack is an experience, a dynamic adventure that leaves you entranced, a blueprint of the dark & the bright side of the moon, energetic and poetic at the same time. A helping hand to get in touch with the not everyday reality with the knowledge and power of other worlds with which we are mostly unconsciously connected. Jacksart reunites the supernatural and everyday in sense fascinating works of art, inimitable as only Jack can.