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Jacky Zegers' artwork & sculptures are on display and for sale at Amersfoort Art.

Jacky Zegers

Jacky Zegers started painting in 1999, what began as a hobby has been her profession for Jacky Zegers since 2006. Consequently, Jacky Zegers is now a full-time artist.

Impressions sculptures and works of art by Jacky Zegers

Jacky Zegers' art clearly shows her love for animals and bright and cheerful colors. Jacky's inspiration comes from everywhere, but especially from animal figures. This is because flowers or animals often have distinct shapes and colors as well.

Either way, Jacky Zegers' collection will bring a cheerful look to your home. In addition to paintings, Amersfoort Art Gallery also has a fine collection of sculptures by this extraordinary artist in its collection.