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All artworks by Jochem de Graaf on our site can be viewed in the gallery, purchased (online) and also available in our art loan.

Jochem de Graaf

Amersfoort Art Gallery has perhaps the largest, but certainly the finest collection of painting by Jochem de Graaf in the Netherlands. All artworks are on display in our gallery.

Impressions artworks by Jochem de Graaf

Jochem de Graaf lives and works in Bunschoten. Painting is his great passion and he is a typical example of an autodidact. His way of working and use of materials give a special dimension to his paintings: the relief gives a tremendous depth effect. Light and shadowing further emphasize this.

Jochem has an extensive body of work and paints a wide range of subjects. In addition to (female) figures, he also enjoys painting flowers, landscapes and towns/villages. All in his recognizable style.

The artworks are sometimes set up with modeling paste and are all made with oil paint on linen canvases. Using a putty knife, thick brush or spatula, he applies the paint to the canvas. With smaller tools, refinement follows.

All artworks by Jochem de Graaf on this page can be viewed in real life at our gallery in Amersfoort, Netherlands. A frame often makes his paintings look even better. Amersfoort Art has its own framing shop and we are happy to advise you on the possibilities of having a work of art framed.