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Jörg Ridderbusch's art sculptures are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Jörg Ridderbusch

Jörg Ridderbusch (born Fürstenau, 1954) is a German artist. His metal artworks of strange, funny birds are loved by art lovers and collectors at home and abroad.

Impressions images by Jörg Ridderbusch

Jörg Ridderbusch primarily uses recycled steel materials. For example, from banisters he builds thrones for kings and queens, and from car rims he makes the most beautiful wings for birds. In doing so, Jörg adds emotion to material that many perceive as cold and soulless, material that, moreover, is at the end of its life cycle. He playfully processes this chilly material and combines it with colorful fantasy figures that seem to have stepped straight out of a world of fairy tales and legends.

The old, oxidized iron stands in stark contrast to the many colors that make Ridderbusch's art objects immediately catch the eye and fascinate many people. Ridderbusch's work is well suited as outdoor art because of its size but also because of its "natural" character: the rusty brown of the iron and the fresh, cheerful colors of the fantasy animals. In a garden or outdoor space, his sculptures act as true eye-catchers to which the eye wanders again and again.