Airy Darlings


  • Technique Metal
  • Size 180 cm
  • Edition Unica
  • Art lease 29,85 monthly
  • You save 19,90 monthly
Rent for € 29,85 p/m
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Airy darlings by Jörg Ridderbusch

Unique and colorful artwork

“Airy Darlings” is a beautiful and colorful sculpture by renowned artist Jörg Ridderbusch. This impressive artwork, including pedestal, has a height of 180 cm and weighs about 50 kg. It is a real eye-catcher that brightens up any room and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

This unique sculpture can be placed indoors or outdoors, making it a versatile addition to your art collection. It is on display in our gallery and, of course, for sale. This artwork is also available in our art loan.

Recycled materials with a story

Jörg Ridderbusch is known for his use of recycled materials, primarily steel. He transforms banisters into thrones for kings and queens and turns car rims into beautiful wings for birds. By adding emotion to materials that are often perceived as cold and soulless, he creates works of art that are given new life at the end of their life cycle.

Contrast and color

The aged, oxidized iron forms a sharp contrast to the vibrant colors of Ridderbusch’s fantasy figures, which seem to have stepped out of a world of fairy tales and sagas. This combination makes his art objects immediately catch the eye and fascinate many people.

Eyecatchers for outdoor spaces

Ridderbusch’s artworks are well suited as outdoor art, not only because of their size but also because of their “natural” nature. The rust brown of the iron and the fresh, cheerful colors of the fantasy animals make his sculptures true eye-catchers in gardens or other outdoor spaces, to which the eye wanders again and again.