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Joyce van Oorschot's artwork is on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Joyce van Oorschot

Joyce van Oorschot (Apeldoorn, 1963) is a Dutch artist. 1985 was the year Joyce van Oorschot graduated cum laude as a graphic designer from the Academy of Visual Arts in Arnhem.

Impressions artworks by Joyce van Oorschot

After several years of enjoying working for several agencies and publishers as a designer, photographer and illustrator, she finally started her own business. In particular, this also allowed her to throw herself into making large paintings. Over the years, Joyce has developed her own methods and techniques in this.

Especially with the guidance of her father and the learning of the craft of the "old masters" and the rich painting stories (also from the family) she also got color theory and the knowledge of materials including their effects (the chemistry). Also make the paints and varnishes yourself using pigments / colostrum / egg yolk & egg white / turpentine, oil and water, among others.

She continues to try new materials which can be found in her work, including acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, pastel, sheet metal, nail polish, wood, chalk, rust, oxide, sand, pigments, resin, glass and of course her own made paints & lacquers.

Her paintings clearly show her "signature" with which the works are characterized by powerful design and strong expressive use of color.