• Technique Mixed media on linen
  • Size N/A cm
  • Edition 25
  • Art lease 59,85 monthly
  • You save 39,90 monthly
  • Art purchase scheme 10 X 199,50 interest-free
Rent for € 59,85 p/m
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Discover the unique artwork ‘Morenchi’ by Karin Vermeer

At Amersfoort Art, we exclusively offer the opportunity to buy or rent Karin Vermeer’s artworks in various formats. As a result, the work always fits your situation optimally. Karin Vermeer’s artworks are available in a limited edition of up to 25 pieces, making each piece unique and valuable.

A warm and contrasting look

‘Morenchi’ is a telling artwork by Karin Vermeer that immediately catches the eye. The reddish-brown color of the hair adds warmth to the work, while the aqua tones add a nice contrast. The textured pastes used create a particularly spacious effect, almost inviting you to run your hands through your hair. The artwork is stretched on quality linen and the sides are painted with it, so it can be hung directly on the wall.

Handmade artwork with a personal touch

Karin Vermeer’s artwork is handcrafted, making each piece slightly different. In our gallery we have an extensive collection of her works. Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity. You can also order your favorite artwork online. After receiving your order, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a delivery appointment.

The largest collection of Karin Vermeer in the Netherlands

Amersfoort Art has the largest collection of artworks by Karin Vermeer in the Netherlands. We cordially invite you to visit our gallery in Amersfoort and admire the works in real life. Feel free to
us to inquire which works are currently available.

Karin Vermeer on her work

Karin: “My work is a mix of different photographs, images and paint that I combine on the computer and canvas to create a new representation. My favorite subject is the female face. I use pictures of people, old walls, grunge posters and all kinds of other interesting subjects to create a new image. Once the digital part is done, the image is printed and I start painting over it. I create the artwork with many layers of texture, gels and paints. In this way I try to make the digital image tangible again. My work is not so much about explanation and concept, but about the game and the image. I usually start quite blank, but by mixing images that interest me, a new image slowly emerges. All works are made on request in any size. Most of these works are a mix of print, paint, grain gel, heavy gel and matte or glossy varnish. Each work is handmade, individually slightly different and in an edition of up to 25 pieces, numbered and signed.’