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Lei Hannen

Lei Hannen (born Limburg, 1954) is a Dutch artist. He studied applied physics and chemistry, which was the foundation of his career. As a fourteen-year-old, he built a darkroom and experimented with photographic techniques.

Impressions images by Lei Hannen

With the increase in technological development and associated investment, interest in this art form ebbed away more and more. Around age 30, he discovered ceramics as an art form. He took courses or internships with a number of professional ceramists. The ceramic process, which for him is synonymous with the play of the elements, appeals strongly to him.

He experiences these imposed natural laws not as a burden, but rather as a metaphor for the power of the elements with the respect associated with them. It puts things in perspective. In this he experiences acting creatively as a privilege. Also, the creative element in the process of becoming reflects the freedom he considers indispensable. Freedom you have to fight for. Like a string, experiences thread themselves together. Each link is an essential component. Piece by piece, they must be fathomed to serve as the basis for a new challenge.