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All of Maria de Vries' artworks are on display and for sale in the gallery.

Maria de Vries

Maria de Vries (Mierlo, 1955) is a Dutch artist. Maria de Vries paints her works using mixed media, often in acrylic on canvas. With spontaneous brushstrokes and a diversity of mostly earthy colors, the images from her own environment take on more or less recognizable forms.

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Maria enjoys traveling to inhospitable regions abroad, whose images and emotions she translates into spontaneous yet harmonious works. During walks, she inhales the endless color combinations that are then reflected in her paintings.

She likes to paint animals (cows) and people, where she wants to make their relationship to each other or in relation to the viewer clear.Maria de Vries' organically grown compositions contain an emotional charge right up to the final version, evoking recognition in the viewer and at the same time leaving all space open to nurture one's own, changing interpretations.