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The artworks of Masha de Haas are for sale at Amersfoort Art and also available in our art loan.

Masha de Haas

The artworks of Mascha de Haas (artist name Blitsz) can be recognized by a combination of beautiful photography with mixed media on dibond. All finished with a thick layer of epoxy resin resulting in a variegated collection of colors and changing images, with a particular attention to detail and depth.

Impressions artworks by Masha de Haas

Art was instilled in Mascha de Haas (b. 1977) from the very beginning. Her father is a gallery owner and her mother attended art school. Masha also appears to possess the creative gene, as evidenced by her artwork. A self-taught artist, she has learned to work with various techniques.


In addition to paintings, she also creates sculptures and digital art. The Helmond-based artist won the design competition during the AriBosch Art Festival with her artwork "Innocence.