Happy Cow I


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Art object created by Peter Diem. This is a series of Merry Cow objects in his recognizable painting style. Each cow has a different front and back. The Merry Cows are made of high-quality synthetic resin and measure 30 x 12 x 8 cm. The art objects are signed and numbered. The edition is 125 per color. The art objects come in a trendy black packaging with a special closure and therefore serve as an ideal gift.

Peter Diem (Coburg, 1954) is a Dutch artist. He paints like a whirlwind, he lives his art. Powerful canvases, exponents of his explosive lifestyle. He discovers his great love early on. Amsterdam is the place from which he now traverses the world on the hunt for colors and emotions. As if fighting a battle against time (Diem wants to live forever), when he returns he expressively translates his feelings into paint.

Feverishly, fiercely and with powerful strokes, huge amounts of paint are applied to the canvas, straight from the tube and with two hands at once if necessary. In addition to happy cows and painted travel impressions, he works diligently on his cosmic themes. The canvases represent a complex journey of discovery, in which you search and find. His commitment to his work is so intense that he sometimes finds it hard to part with his canvases.

Peter Diem is inseparable from his cow paintings.