Happy Cow III


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Happy Cow III – an art object by Peter Diem

Discover the joy and vibrancy of Happy Cow III, a unique art object by renowned Dutch artist Peter Diem. This beautiful creation is part of an exclusive series of happy cows, crafted in Diem’s signature painting style. Each art object in this series has a unique front and back, so no two cows are the same.

High quality materials and dimensions

The cheerful cows are made of high-quality synthetic resin, ensuring durability and a sophisticated finish. The size of each art object is 30 x 12 x 8 cm, making them a striking yet manageable addition to any interior.

Signed and numbered edition

Each art object is personally signed and numbered by Peter Diem, with a limited edition of only 125 pieces per color. This makes each piece not only a visual delight, but also a valuable collector’s item.

Ideal gift in trendy packaging

The art objects come in stylish black packaging with a special closure. This trendy packaging makes Happy Cow III not only a wonderful addition to your own art collection, but also a perfect gift for art lovers.

About Peter Diem

Peter Diem (Coburg, 1954) is a passionate Dutch artist who lives and breathes his art. His powerful canvases reflect his explosive lifestyle and his search for colors and emotions. From his home base in Amsterdam, he travels the world, translating his experiences and feelings into expressive paintings.

A whirlwind of creativity

Diem’s painting technique is intense and dynamic. He applies huge amounts of paint to the canvas, sometimes directly from the tube and often with both hands at once. In addition to his iconic happy cows and travel impressions, he also works on complex cosmic themes, with his canvases representing a journey of discovery.

Inseparable from his cows

Peter Diem is best known for his cow paintings, which have become a symbol of his artistic vision. His commitment to his work is so intense that he sometimes struggles to part with his canvases, illustrating his deep passion for art.

Add a piece of Peter Diem’s world to your interior with Happy Cow III and be inspired by the joy and vibrancy these unique art pieces exude.