Totenkopf Schnecke Chrom


  • Technique Polystone
  • Size 35 x 20 cm
  • Edition 25
  • Delivery time 3-5 business days
  • Free shipping Vanaf €50 in NL
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Totenkopf Schnecke Chrom by Caro Sofia

Discover the unique beauty of the Totenkopf Schnecke Chrom, a work of art by talented artist Caro Sofia. This artwork is made of high-quality resin and stands out for its detailed and expressive design. The Totenkopf Schnecke Chrom is part of a limited edition, of which only 25 are available worldwide.

Exclusive and limited

With only 25 copies worldwide, the Totenkopf Schnecke Chrom offers an exclusive opportunity to bring a unique work of art into your home. Each piece is hand-finished, adding to the exclusivity and value of this work of art.

About the artist Caro Sofia

Born in the Netherlands, Caro Sofia is known for her bold and expressive works. In a world that wants her to whisper, she chooses to scream. Her art takes you into a universe without rules, where you don’t have to think, act or feel a certain way to be accepted. She dares to be different and wants to change your perception of reality.

Contact us

Due to the exclusivity and high quality of this artwork, we do not offer standard shipping options. Please contact us for options regarding delivery.

Add the Totenkopf Schnecke Chrom to your collection and experience the power and beauty of Caro Sofia’s unique vision.