About The Moon


  • Technique Mixed Media
  • Size 150 x 150 cm
  • Art purchase scheme 10 X 439,50 interest-free
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‘Over The Moon’, with a size of 150x150cm is an impressive artwork by Olav van Lede. Underneath the famous rocket from Tintin’s “Men on the Moon” album are hundreds of original newspaper articles about the 1969 moon landing, or Apollo 11 mission. The artwork is on display at our gallery in Amersfoort but also available for purchase online. Comes with certificate of authenticity. Delivery time 1-3 business days.

Artist Olav van Lede challenges the common advice to leave the past behind. He doubts that is always the best course. According to him, the past is steeped in unique and valuable moments, rich in learning moments, nostalgia and renewal. In his work, Van Lede focuses on historical documents and subjects, which he interweaves with vivid icons or objects. He explores a range of themes from space travel and war to strategy and culinary traditions, infused with a touch of nostalgia.

Van Lede’s creative process begins far outside his studio, where he scours historical sources from collectors, antique dealers and museums. In this way, he brings remarkable, moving and sometimes confrontational facts and moments from the past back into focus. The results are works of art that are both aesthetically beautiful and deeply meaningful.

Born June 28, 1976 in Montreal, Canada, Olav van Lede landed in Amsterdam at the beginning of the 21st century after wandering through Belgium, England and France. There he found shelter in an old studio in the Oud Zuid district, where he lived for many years and developed his artistic talent, inspired by masters such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. His first works soon found their way into various homes and offices.

In addition to his artistry, Olav emerged as a designer, with his own interior design line full of small furniture, lighting and accessories, infused with humor and designed with the motto “a smile in the mind. However, in early 2022, he felt the urge to return to his original passion. He moved back into a studio and concentrated entirely on his art.

Since 2022, Olav has received several awards with his innovative, recognizable and original style. His work is now represented by several leading galleries and enjoys worldwide acclaim among art lovers.