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Corneille, Ron van de Werf, Twan van de Ven, Stephen Brook, Wouter Stips, Dennis Art Photography, Alexandra van Cruijningen, Ivo Snow, Clemens Briels, Jos Verwiel, Ada Breedveld, Espen Hagen, Anna Doedijns, Patty Harpenau, W. Corbelt, Engelien Kooij.

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Located a stone's throw from our authentic downtown, Amersfoort Art has been a household name in the region and beyond for years. More than 60 artists are represented by us and almost all artworks are available in our art loan.

Art loan

Feel free to bring a work of art on view or take advantage of our art loan. When you rent a work of art, you use it to build up savings. You can use the accumulated savings to purchase your artwork or perhaps another piece! Feel free to inquire about our attractive options for both individuals and businesses.


Our in-house frame shop offers a large collection with lots of variety. A beautiful frame will make your art stand out even more. Stop by the gallery for customized advice without obligation. Coffee is ready for you!