Clemens Briels – El Diagolo

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  • Technique Aquagravure
  • Size 85 x 115 cm
  • Edition 70
  • Inclusive List
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Very fine aquagravure by Clemens Briels

Discover the enchanting world of Clemens Briels with this exclusive aqua engraving. For the first time, Briels has used this complicated but beautiful technique, and the result is truly stunning. Aquagravure is composed of a thick layer of handmade paper dried in a hand-painted relief mold. This unique methodology adds an extra dimension of depth to the artwork, making it a visual spectacle to look at.

Limited edition and authenticity

This special aquagravure was produced in a limited edition of only 70 pieces. Each copy is hand-signed by Clemens Briels and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This makes it not only a valuable work of art, but also a unique addition to any art collection.

Exclusive listing and presentation

The artwork is beautifully recessed framed with passepartout and a silver frame, giving the aquagravure an extra luxurious look. This sophisticated presentation ensures that the artwork is immediately ready to take pride of place in your interior.

Available on art loan

In addition to the opportunity to purchase this unique piece, it is also available on our art loan. This offers you the chance to enjoy this special work of art with no immediate purchase obligation.

Note: This is our last copy and is now very attractively priced. Don’t miss this opportunity to take in a piece of Clemens Briels’ artistic genius.

About the artist

Clemens Briels created a beautiful series of four aquagravures in the fall of 2005. This is the first time he has used this intricate technique, and the result is breathtaking. Aquagravures are composed of a thick layer of handmade paper dried in a hand-painted relief mold. This time-consuming production process ensures that aquagravures are rarely made and are always available in a very limited edition.