Ron van der Werf – Udaipur I


  • Technique Mixed media on created paper
  • Size N/A cm
  • Edition Unica
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Beautiful original artwork by Ron van der Werf from the ‘Udaipur’ series he made in India. Our last copy and now extra competitively priced. The mix of different materials and techniques is produced on thick, 1,000-grams shredded paper. The artwork is floating framed in a modern, sleek tray frame. Comes with certificate of authenticity. Our last 2 works and now extra competitively priced. On display in our gallery in Amersfoort and available in our art loan. It is also possible to purchase this artwork online. Upon receipt of the order, we will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. Delivery time 1-2 business days.

Ron van der Werf (1958) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. To create his artworks, Van der Werf uses acrylic and oil paint on canvas, panel or paper. Chalk, pencil, pieces of cloth, cardboard, wire and sand are also used. The colors he usually uses are various shades of white, brown and blue. He then glazes his paintings with transparent layers of oak, sienna and other earthy colors. The paintings are clearly the result of hard work and toil. This is reflected in the layers of paint mixed with different materials in which one can see the “genesis” of the painting.

Van der Werf works intuitively: he believes in an inner force that drives him to use certain shapes, colors and materials. Only after he transfers the materials to the canvas does he see what his inner self wanted him to create. His work can be seen as similar to music: the most abstract form of art. Material, color and composition exude tranquility, beneficence and strength.

Some inner images are not easily transferred to a new painting. It regularly happens that a painting looks finished, but the image does not seem to fit the inner image or story Van der Werf was thinking of. Some pieces can then be removed or added on top of the previous artwork. In this way, associations pile up to form his world, his painting.

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