Engelien Kooij – Une Bonne Conversation

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  • Technique Giclée on linen
  • Size 72 x 72 cm
  • Inclusive List
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Unique giclée by Engelien Kooij

Exclusive edition and exquisite finish

This stunning giclée by Engelien Kooij is produced in a limited edition, making for a unique and valuable work of art. The artwork is printed on high-quality linen and then handcrafted to create additional relief and depth.

Elegant baroque frame

The artwork is stylishly framed in a baroque baking frame, which perfectly compliments the beauty of the giclée. This frame adds a classic and timeless look to the artwork, making it a wonderful addition to any interior.

Last chance and extra competitively priced

This is the last giclée in this series, which means you can get your hands on a unique piece at an extra competitive price. Don’t miss this opportunity to add an exclusive artwork by Engelien Kooij to your collection.

Includes certificate of authenticity

Upon purchase, you will receive a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees the value and authenticity of the artwork. This certificate makes the artwork not only a visual delight, but also a valuable investment.

On display in our gallery and available to order online

Come admire this beautiful artwork in our gallery in Amersfoort or order it easily online through our webshop. Add a unique and valuable work of art to your collection with this stunning giclée by Engelien Kooij.