Louis Vuitton Ice Cream (sold)

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Louis Vuitton Ice Cream: an image by Sneck Popsicle Art

A tantalizing combination of pop and street art

Discover the unique charm of the artwork “Louis Vuitton Ice Cream” by Sneck Popsicle Art. This particular sculpture is a perfect blend of pop and street art, adorning glistening ceramic ice creams with iconic features of cities and the familiar logos of luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton.

Versatility and presentation

This artwork comes with a steel base, which allows it to be placed stylishly on a surface. In addition, it can also be easily hung, giving you flexibility in the presentation of this unique piece in your interior.

Exclusivity and community involvement

Sneck Popsicle Art is known for its limited editions, often single editions, each carrying an ethical and moral message. For Sneck Popsicle Art, art is not only a form of expression, but also a way to leave something meaningful behind for society.

About Sneck Popsicle Art

Sneck Popsicle Art creates works that excite and inspire you. With a clear influence of pop and street art, he brings to life shiny and sparkling ceramic popsicles. Each piece is a unique creation, designed to both visually intrigue and convey a deeper message.

Add “Louis Vuitton Ice Cream” to your collection and enjoy the exclusivity and artistic value offered by this work of art.