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Quraish's artwork is on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.


Quraish (born Baghdad, 1965) is an Iraqi artist. Iraqi-born artist Mohammed Quraish attended art school in Baghdad.

Impressions works of art by Quraish

Baghdad's art scene, contrary to what many people think, is very thriving. However, Quraish decided to leave his homeland in 1994 because of the political regime. He has been living and working in the Netherlands for quite some time.

When creating a work of art, Quraish considers each stage an essential part of the creation process. The first step is machining the base material. The process is completed with the application of the signature.

Quraish uses a variety of graphic techniques in creating his artwork, including carving, scratching, etching and applying color. In crafting his artworks, Quraish is challenged to open up to the palette of different human mind movements.