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StreetArt, UrbanArt, PopArt? The artworks of SoSerge (Serge Veenema) do not easily allow themselves to be placed in a corner. What you can say with certainty is that his mixed-media artworks are dazzling and impressive. Real Eye-catchers!

Impressions artworks by SoSerge

Born in 1971 in picturesque Spakenburg, on the shores of the IJsselmeer, Serge Veenema discovered his creative calling in the 1990s. His path crossed that of Kerst Koopman in IJlst, where Serge wandered around Kerst's factory, known for its unique planters. Here Serge's creativity awakened, and soon he began designing lamps and furniture, both indoors and outdoors. His sketchbooks became filled, and the most promising designs became prototypes, sometimes even produced in Kerst Koopman's factory.

After studying Small Business, years of business success followed, dressed in suits and ties, working for companies such as Douwe Egberts and Mercedes. Despite his commercial efforts, his creative passion continued to smolder. Coincidence brought the birth of the breadboard when he was making a bed for his son Finn. Surplus oak, unsuitable for the bed, served as an experimental base. With red epoxy, he filled a crack in the board, added a handle, and the success of the breadboard was a reality, resulting in his own business in breadboards.

Meanwhile, "Bread and Shelf" has been creating oak presentation boards for various markets for years. To feed his creativity, Serge visited modern museums and galleries in several cities, especially in Cannes and Nice during his annual trips to southern France. As a hobbyist, he had been experimenting with art in his workshop for years. A well-known gallery owner became so impressed with his new techniques and treatments that he felt the world should see them. Serge went public with his artwork and SoSerge was born!

SoSerge's style is diverse, but always infused with feeling. He crafts his artworks from multiple layers, resulting in characteristic masterpieces. His paintings are gaining notoriety and are now included in collections of art lovers and collectors.

The street posters that come mainly from France and Italy are incorporated into the works of art. Everything is finished with a thick layer of crystal clear epoxy. Then the work really comes alive. In addition to the street posters, other old materials are incorporated into the artwork to give it an even more unique character. In addition, a lot of acrylic paint and spray cans are used to make it a real SOSERGE.