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Tanneke Peetoom's artwork is on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Tanneke Peetoom

Tanneke Peetoom is a Dutch photographer, self-taught, born in 1967, married and mother of two daughters. In October 2010, she received her first camera from her husband and photography has been her great passion ever since.

Impressions artworks by Tanneke Peetoom

She began taking pictures of her daughters and then friends of her daughters. These photos appeared on social media and shortly thereafter she received her first assignments.

Tanneke has developed her own unique style. Bright portrait photos, always taken with natural light and a romantic look. She uses antique hairstyles and clothing.

She photographs children ages 5 to 18. She emphasizes the purity and vulnerability of the child with a focus on the eyes. She has done several publications in magazines, already made 9 book covers and is listed in the book "The new Dutch Photography Talents.

She recently won second prize in a prestigious European photo competition: PX3 Prix de la Photography Paris with her photo "Eva, the girl with too veil.