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The artworks of Tineke Stoffels are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Tineke Stoffels

Tineke Stoffels has had the urge to create for as long as she can remember, both with paint, brushes, paper and textiles, in the garden with plants, behind the stove with all kinds of ingredients, indoors with paint, wood, clothing fabrics and wallpaper. She tries everything until she is satisfied with the result.

Impressions artworks by Tineke Stoffels

Her interest in art was born when she visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with her aunt at the age of 12. She still feels how impressed she was by the works of the Dutch Old Masters; the use of light and shadow, the colors, the clothes, the subjects, the techniques.

In her studio, she can fully concentrate on creating new work using her camera on a tripod. Creating a new still life takes a lot of time. She loves natural materials, simplicity, symmetry, strong lines, sober colors and special details and uses that as much as possible in her work. Where possible already during the assembly of the still life and otherwise in the follow-up process.

The digital "dark room" is the final stage. Photoshop gives her the latest tools to transform photo into a painterly image. A process that takes several days. Despite following a specific procedure, it keeps room for surprise that arises during the process. People often wonder if the work was photographed or painted. For her, it's both.

Photos are available with clear UV resistant acrylic glass and anti-reflex UV resistant acrylic glass. Some of the works are also available in our art loan. This is indicated at the artwork. Feel free to email or call us for more information.