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Toon Tieland

Toon Tieland

Toon Tieland (Amersfoort, 1919-2006) was one of Amersfoort's best-known artists.

Impressions artworks by Toon Tieland

Certain stylistic features of Tieland's work are also consistent with the work of other painters. Similarly, Gauguin applies contour lines around his areas of color. He thus establishes a sharp delineation. The primitivism introduced into modern art by Gauguin also characterizes Tieland's paintings: simplified spatiality, building up the representation in monochromatic color fields and contouring. Naive expressionism may therefore be a good designation for Toon Tieland's atmospheric, characteristic painting.

Tieland consistently painted his landscapes and cityscapes in monochromatic color fields bounded by solid black outlines. The old city center of Amersfoort and the Flemish countryside are Tieland's main subjects. Often they are desolate snowy landscapes with bare poplars and cold skies.

In addition to lithographs and paintings, Amersfoort Art has calendars and art cards by Toon Tieland in its collection. Watch a film about Toon Tieland here.