Follow Your Dreams


  • Technique Mixed Media on Panel
  • Size 90 x 110 cm
  • Edition Unica
  • Art lease 103,50 monthly
  • You save 69,00 monthly
  • Art purchase scheme 10 X 345,00 interest-free
Rent for € 103,50 p/m
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‘Follow Your Dreams’ is a great new piece of art from Van Apple. Humor, icons and Pop art are masterfully combined in this. The cut-out sides and silver glitter create a stunning effect when combined with the epoxy used to coat the artwork in multiple layers. The overall size is 90×110 cm and the thickness is 4cm. Features sturdy aluminum suspension system. This artwork was produced in a very small edition of 10 copies. Due to the manual process of manufacturing, each piece of art is different and therefore unique. The artwork is numbered and signed by the artist. For orders abroad, please contact us. This artwork is also available in our art loan and through our art purchase scheme.

Van Apple’s art is a combination of digital techniques such as photography and familiar features. He uses gold foil, Swarovski stones and adds colors and various handmade items, such as butterflies, covered with several layers of epoxy. By adding these layers, he can create innovative and unique mix media art with a fantastic 3D effect.