United states of escobar


  • Technique Mixed media on panel
  • Size 75 x 180 cm
  • Edition 7
  • Art lease 103,50 monthly
  • You save 69,00 monthly
  • Art purchase scheme 10 X 345,00 interest-free
Rent for € 103,50 p/m
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Discover the artwork “United States Of Escobar” by Van Apple

A unique work of art with stunning materials

“United States Of Escobar” is a work of art by Van Apple. This artwork is carefully crafted with an array of materials and then covered with a generous layer of epoxy resin, creating a stunning visual effect. This exclusive edition is limited to only 7 copies, each with subtly unique variations. The artwork is securely mounted on a sturdy wooden frame and features a convenient hanging system, making it easy to hang on the wall. And of course, it comes with an official certificate of authenticity.

About the artist: Diederik van Appel

Diederik van Appel has long functioned as an agent for Dutch artists at exhibitions around the world. Throughout his travels, the urge to express his own creativity awoke in him more and more strongly. Inspired by his experiences, artistic insights and passion for art, he developed his own unique style of pop art. His art combines digital techniques with photography as a starting point. In doing so, he uses gold leaf, vibrant colors and various other materials. The final epoxy resin finish creates a beautiful three-dimensional effect.

Experience art in real life

It is important to mention that works of art with epoxy resin are difficult to capture in photographs, but we can confidently state that the works are even more impressive in reality than on the website. Therefore, we cordially invite you to come and admire Van Apple’s artworks in person at our gallery. All artworks on display are with us.

Watch the video

For an impression of “United States Of Escobar,” watch the video below: