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William Malucu

William Malucu uses sophisticated color and form compositions, with which he manages to communicate in a direct way. In his distinctive and own style, he uses various original materials such as gold leaf, sand or old newspapers in addition to acrylic paint.

Impressions artworks by William Malucu

About the artist

William Malucu (Alagoas, 1975) is a Brazilian artist living and working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His works reflect his passionate approach to painting, influenced by his environment and musical preferences.

Sources of inspiration

Nightlife and surroundings

William draws inspiration from the nightlife in Brazil's sweltering northeast and the breathtaking ocean views from his studio.

Musical accompaniment

While painting, William enjoys listening to the classical music of Mahler and Bach, which deeply influences his creative process.

Style and technique

William Malucu is known for his abstract expressions, using uncontrolled passionate expressions of color and composition to convey his emotions. He often works with multiple layers of paint to create depth and complexity in his works.

Characteristics of his artworks

Pure passion and lust for painting

Impassioned and tongue-tied, William manages to bring his abstract expressions to life, enticing viewers to step into his creative world.

Uninhibited emotional expression

His ability to release his emotions through his paintings makes William an artist at heart.

Versatile layer construction

By adding many layers to his artworks, both literally and figuratively, he surprises the viewer time and again.

International recognition

William Malucu has built a considerable fan base and his works are represented in galleries in the Netherlands, England, Germany, Belgium, France and Scandinavia.

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