• Technique Acrylic on linen
  • Size 60 x 150 cm
  • Edition Unica
  • Art lease 79,50 monthly
  • You save 53,00 monthly
  • Art purchase scheme 10 X 265,00 interest-free
Rent for € 79,50 p/m
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Bliss – unique painting by Yulia Muravyeva

Discover the beautiful oblong painting “Bliss” by talented artist Yulia Muravyeva. This unique artwork exudes a special charm thanks to the thickly arranged flowers, giving the painting an extra dimension and making it seem to come to you. The sides of the artwork are also painted, making it immediately ready to hang on the wall. “Bliss” comes with a certificate of authenticity and is available in our art loan and for purchase online.

About the artist Yulia Muravyeva

Yulia Muravyeva, born in Russia and living in the Netherlands since 2010, has had a passion for drawing and painting from an early age. Her fascination with color blends began in her early childhood. In college, she studied for drawing teacher in classical arts, after which she specialized in restoring paintings and painting icons. Yulia’s paintings are recognizable for their fresh and cheerful colors, with an abstract style in which flower buds are covered with thick layers of paint on the canvas. The beautiful color transitions in the background give her works a positive and warm feeling. Her style is constantly evolving toward a more modern and abstract form, although classical elements are still sometimes visible. The thickness of the flowers creates an extra dimension that is difficult to photograph, which is why we cordially invite you to come see her works in our gallery.

Buy or rent paintings by Yulia Muravyeva

At Amersfoort Art, you can both buy and rent Yulia Muravyeva’s flower paintings through our art loan. A portion of your rental amount is used to build up your savings, which will eventually allow you to purchase the artwork. Are you ready for something different? Use your savings to purchase a new work of art or rent another work and take your savings with you! Our art loan is an interesting option for both businesses and individuals. For terms and conditions, check out our website and discover options for renting or buying art.

Stop by our gallery to admire “Bliss” and other works by Yulia Muravyeva in real life, or feel free to take a work of art on view. We are happy to help you find the perfect artwork for your space.