Ours Blanc – Les Fleurs


  • Technique Hand-painted polystone
  • Size 35 x 67 cm
  • Edition Unica
  • Delivery time 3-5 business days
  • Free shipping Vanaf €50 in NL
  • Art purchase scheme 10 x 365,00 interest-free
  • Art lease 109,50 monthly
  • You save 73,00 monthly
Rent for € 109,50 p/m
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Discover the unique artwork: Ours Blanc – Les Fleurs

A work of art by Yulia Muravyeva

Yulia Muravyeva has uniquely reinvented François Pompon’s iconic Ours Blanc. Titled “Ours Blanc – Les Fleurs,” this artwork combines the classic elegance of Pompon with Yulia’s signature 3D flowers. The statue is an impressive piece with a height of 35 cm and a weight of no less than 15 kg.

About François Pompon

François Pompon (1920 – 1933) spent much of his life working in the service of other artists. From 1890 to 1895, he was Rodin’s chef d’atelier and then assisted René de Saint-Mareaux until 1916. His search for his own style was influenced by emerging Japonism and his admiration for Egyptian art. It wasn’t until he was 67 that he broke through with his famous polar bear.

Authenticity and uniqueness

“Ours Blanc – Les Fleurs” is a unique copy and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This beautiful sculpture can be admired in our gallery in Amersfoort as well as ordered online.

About the artist: Yulia Muravyeva

Yulia Muravyeva, born in Russia and living in the Netherlands since 2010, discovered her talent for drawing and painting at an early age. She studied to become a drawing teacher in the classical arts and specialized in painting restoration and icon painting. Her work is recognizable for its vibrant colors and thick layers of paint that add dimension to the flower buds.

Style and technique

Yulia’s paintings range from abstract to detailed, always with beautiful color transitions in the background. Her artworks exude a positive, warm feeling and are becoming increasingly modern and abstract, although classical elements can still be recognized at times.

Stop by our gallery

The unique thickness of the flowers in Yulia’s work is difficult to photograph. Therefore, we cordially invite you to come and view the artworks in our gallery or bring a work of art on view.

Buy or rent paintings by Yulia Muravyeva

The flower paintings of Yulia Muravyeva are for sale at Amersfoort Art and for rent through our art loan. A portion of your rental amount is used to build up your savings, which you can use to purchase the artwork. Are you ready for something different? Use your savings to buy a new work of art or rent another work and take your savings with you! Art lending is an interesting option for both businesses and individuals. Check our website for terms and conditions. Go to our art loan for more information.