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Amersfoort Art's art lease is simple, flexible and inexpensive.


How the art loan works: per month you pay 3% of purchase value of a work of art. Of this, 2% is for the accumulation of a savings account and 1% cost for lending.


Are you ready for something different? Purchase a new work of art from your savings or rent another work and take your savings with you. Almost all artworks in our collection are available for rent. Browse our collection online or stop by the gallery. Coffee is ready for you!


Decorating an office? A work of art at the reception desk? Decorating meeting rooms? Feel free to inquire about our attractive B2B corporate rates.


Suppose a work of art costs €1000.
Per month you then pay €30 of which €20 is saved.
With the savings amount you can purchase your artwork OR another artwork from our collection!

How it works: Kunstuitleen Amersfoort Art?

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Art Lending Agreement

Art lease agreement in the agreement means the rental agreement between the owner/landlord of artworks and the customer as tenant, whereby one or more specified artworks are rented to the customer by Amersfoort Art under the terms and conditions mentioned below.

Customer identification

Before signing this agreement, the customer is required to show Amersfoort Art a valid identification document for verification of the data provided by the customer. If the client is a company listed in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce, a recent extract from the Commercial Register must also be submitted.

Address changes

The customer undertakes to notify Amersfoort Art in writing no later than one week before the address details change.

Commencement and contract duration of art lease agreement

The agreement concluded between the parties shall commence upon delivery to the customer of the artwork(s) rented by the customer from Amersfoort Art, unless otherwise agreed upon. The duration of the agreement is for a maximum of 50 months unless otherwise agreed upon. The agreement ends when all artworks rented by the customer have been returned to the address of Amersfoort Art or all 50 monthly installments have been paid.


Immediately upon receipt of the artwork(s), the customer is required to verify that it conforms to the specifications stated in this agreement and that the artwork(s) are in good condition. Any defects or inaccuracies must be communicated to Amersfoort Art within 48 hours of delivery. If the customer does not lodge a complaint with Amersfoort Art within 48 hours, the artwork(s) is deemed to have been received by the customer without damage and in good condition.


The client is required to maintain and manage the artwork(s) in good condition and maintenance. The customer is liable for all damage done to the artwork(s) or caused during the time the customer has the artwork(s) in his/her possession. The customer’s liability to Amersfoort Art is limited to the amount of the value of the artwork(s). If damage occurs to the work(s) of art, the customer is obliged to notify Amersfoort Art immediately and to deliver the work(s) of art to Amersfoort Art for repair and restoration no later than one week after the damage occurs.

Prohibition of reletting

The customer is prohibited from renting out or giving the artwork(s) to third parties for use without the express prior written consent of Amersfoort Art.

Third party rights

The customer is obliged to make every effort to ensure that Amersfoort Art’s ownership rights to the artwork(s) remain unencumbered. If third parties wish to assert rights with respect to the artwork or take measures, the customer will immediately inform Amersfoort Art and notify those third parties immediately that the artwork(s) is/are the property of Amersfoort Art. If due to actions of third parties the artwork(s) should fall out of the customer’s control, the customer will inform Amersfoort Art within 24 hours and if necessary take measures against this himself. If the measures taken by third parties find their cause in the conduct or position of the customer, Amersfoort Art reserves the right to charge the customer for all costs of the measures necessarily taken and to be taken by it.

End of lease and return of artwork

The lease can be terminated monthly after a period of 6 months. The customer must give notice in writing or by telephone, but no later than two weeks before the end of the rental period. After 50 months of rental and after payment of all due installments, the customer is the owner of the artwork by spending the savings. If, upon indicated return after summons by Amersfoort Art Galerie, the customer refuses to return the work(s) of art to Amersfoort Art Galerie and also fails to ensure payment of rent, Amersfoort Art Galerie is entitled to file charges of embezzlement against the customer and charge the customer.