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Miguel Peidro's artworks are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Miguel Peidro

Miguel Peidro

Miguel Peidro was born in 1950 in Alcoy, Spain. He received artistic training in a private studio alongside renowned Spanish masters Vicente Moya, Alex Alemany and Juan Ferri. In the presence of such talent, Miguel was inspired to learn as much as he could and did so within a five-year period.

Impressions artworks by Miguel Peidro

Miguel has a special sensitivity and awareness to nature that clearly resonates through his works. His choice of panoramic format accentuates the landscape and invites the viewer to participate in the artist's vision.

When viewing Peidro's landscapes, one cannot help but get caught up in the quiet and meditative depictions of his native land. Light and reflection are especially important in Peidro's landscapes.

Light reflecting off water and surfaces is a mysterious phenomenon that he explores with intrigue and energy. The water reflects not only the light, but also the vitality of the natural world that Peidro admires. Peidro's attraction to the power of nature is undeniable. His admiration for both painting and nature translates eloquently on canvas through the use of delicate brushstrokes and thick layers of paint.

In the artist's own words: "My passion for both painting and nature are mixed in myself. This is the reason why I paint landscapes. I find a lot of inspiration in taking walks in nature during my travels. I am not interested in current art trends, I just paint what I like." Miguel Peidro's work has been exhibited and collected extensively in Spain, Japan, the U.S., Portugal and China, including an exhibition at the Time Arts Museum in Beijing.

The well-known Catalan art critic Josep Cadena says of Miguel Peidro's works, "To begin with, it is first to feel the poetic vibration of the sun's rays passing through the tree branches, giving each leaf a diversity of hues. Or it is the need to feel the spiritual connection with the sea, thanks to the constant coming and going of the waves. Or to capture with each step, without stopping walking, the light kiss of the wind that awakens each day.... When he reaches this point in his works, that is the moment when he best fulfills his mission as a painter, because he makes us participants in what he wanted to discover, which helps us reach a more attainable way of looking at the world."