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Henry Brand's artworks are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Henry Brand

Henry Brand

Born in Limburg, Henry Brand is known for his cityscapes and floral still lifes. Henry's enjoyment of painting and working toward a satisfying end result motivate him every time.

Impressions artworks by Henry Brand

Who is Henry Brand?

Henry Brand, born in 1942, lives and works in North Holland. An artist with a passion for cityscapes and floral still lifes, he brings his works to life with the distinctive use of the palette knife. His Dutch roots and love of France flow together in his art, where charming French cityscapes feature prominently. The French influences in some of his works can be traced to the painting sessions he holds in Normandy, Honfleur and Trouville in particular.

The paintings of Henry Brand at Amersfoort Art

Amersfoort Art is proud to offer the beautiful works of Henry Brand, where art lovers can enjoy his unique and compelling creations. Each painting tells a story, taking you on a visual journey full of emotion and imagination.

Characteristic style and techniques of Henry Brand

Henry works primarily with oil paint. This gives his artworks, which often highlight classical themes, a surprisingly modern feel. Whether it is the mundane city life or the vibrant floral splendor of an autumn bouquet, his works are smooth and vibrant with deep earth tones such as burnt sienna, ochre and moss green. This results in captivating performances every time, a true colorful spectacle on the wall.

Henry Brand and Amersfoort Art

We cordially invite you to visit our gallery and experience Henry Brand's beautiful paintings in person. If you are unable to come by, you can always view and order our collection online. Whatever your preference, we are ready to help you find the perfect artwork for your collection. All of Henry Brand's paintings shown are in our gallery and also available in our Art Loan.