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Amersfoort Art has the largest collection of artworks by Yulia Muravyeva in the Netherlands. The paintings are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan service

yulia muravyeva

Yulia Muravyeva

Amersfoort Art has a nice collection of paintings by Yulia Muravyeva in its collection. In addition to the artworks being for sale, you can also rent them through our art loan.

Impressions artworks by Yulia Muravyeva

Yulia Muravyeva is of Russian descent and has lived in the Netherlands since 2010, where she quickly made an international breakthrough with her 3D flower paintings. From her childhood, Yulia became interested in painting and later attended university to study drawing in the classical arts and went on to restore paintings and paint icons. Her paintings are recognizable out of thousands. The paintings with the colored flower fields are always fresh and cheerfully colored. Yulia paints in an abstract style where the flower buds are on the canvas with thick layers of paint, but also in a style that is much more detailed. The background always has beautiful color transitions. These give her a positive, warm feeling. Her work became increasingly modern and abstract. In some works, however, fragments of the classical slant can also be seen. The thickness of the flowers add to the artwork. This is quite difficult to photograph. You are therefore welcome to come and view the artworks in the gallery. Yulia Muravyeva's paintings are now finding their way to art lovers around the world. Are you looking for a special format? Yulia also works on commission, feel free to contact us to see the possibilities.