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The artworks of Karin Vermeer are for sale and for rent at our gallery in Amersfoort.

Karin Vermeer

Karin Vermeer was born in 1970 in Tilburg and studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where she still lives and works today. Her artworks are a mix of photographs/images that she first manipulates digitally and then with paint. Her favorite subject is the female portrait. Most of her portraits are composed of four to five different faces, usually of different ethnic identities.

Impressions artworks by Karin Vermeer

Amersfoort Art has the largest collection of artworks by Karin Vermeer. Stop by our gallery in Amersfoort and be surprised by her unique style and downright spectacular portraits. You will probably be as excited about her art as we are!

Through image editing, Karin often creates a new, nonexistent person. In addition to these manipulated portraits, she also takes photographs of models in her studio and uses pre-existing photographs of famous icons, for example. She then merges these with photographs and images of old walls, torn posters and all sorts of other interesting subjects with the goal of creating a totally new image. When the digital image is ready, they are printed on acid-free paper and glued to linen to then be worked with gel mediums and paints, among other things. The result is a work with many pasty layers. In this way, she tries to make the digital image tangible.

Karin's work is not so much about explanation and concept, it is a game and is about the image itself. She usually starts with a non preconceived idea, but by looking at the collected images and by mixing them, a new work slowly emerges. Karin's artworks are a mix of photography, acrylic paint, textured pastes and a matte or glossy varnish. They are all made by hand and therefore always just a little bit different. The print run is up to 25 pieces, available in various sizes. In the gallery we have a large collection of artworks by Karin Vermeer. Feel free to contact us if your favorite artwork is available!