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Amersfoort Art has a special collection of art objects by Carolien Bosch, on display at the gallery in Amersfoort but also for sale online.

Carolien Bosch

Carolien is a creative jack-of-all-trades with a great love for fashion and styling. As a child, she dreamed of a future in the creative field. After training at fashion school, she worked for various international and national fashion brands, such as People of the Labyrinths and Esprit.

Impressions artworks by Carolien Bosch

In addition to her passion for fashion, Carolien has been working as a Creative Counselor since 2018. Her business brings together her knowledge, experience and creativity in fashion, styling, sewing, crafts and design consulting. She currently creates collections for Artwear and others.

Taxidermy, and specifically the preparation of butterflies and insects, began as a hobby. As a child, she was interested in the wonderful world of butterflies. Over the years, it became a passion in which she can express her creativity, resulting in beautiful works of art. With Madame Butterfly, she brings butterflies back to life in all their beauty; their shapes, their colors and their fragility.

On a spiritual level, the butterfly is the symbol of change, freedom, love and transformation of the quality of life. For Carolien, the butterfly symbolizes the blossoming of the spiritual quality of life.

As such, she considers it a privilege to be able to work with butterflies and bring their story to life in the form of a work of art.