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Peter Donkersloot's artworks are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Peter Donkersloot

Peter Donkersloot (Arnhem, 1959) is a Dutch artist. After studying at the Arnhem Art Academy, Peter was a freelance illustrator for various publishing houses and Advertisement agencies. In his spare time, he painted artistically. At the end of 1987, he discovered that work and ambition no longer went well together, and he forced himself to make a decision.

Impressions artworks by Peter Donkersloot

Peter Donkersloot paints according to the old "layer upon layer" tradition. Transparent layers on top of each other give the paintings more depth and the colors are "warmer. This cannot be achieved by coloring directly from the tube. The old masters worked the same way with homemade oil-based paints. Because of the slow drying, they had to wait, sometimes even weeks, before adding another layer.

This is why many artists, like Donkersloot, now work with the fast-drying acrylic (water-based) to achieve the same effects. Donkersloot also uses screen prints of the paintings of old masters, which he covers in whole or in part, with the aim of transforming the "original" into a new, modern painting.