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Diederik van Apple's artworks are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

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Van Apple

Diederik Van Apple (Leiden 1985) has definitely broken through beyond our borders. He has exhibited in Milan, Copenhagen, London, New York, Miami and Paris, among other places.

Impressions artworks by Van Apple

In his youth, he always visualized the bigger picture. For Diederik, there was no boundary between fantasy and reality.

Diederik van Apple was born and raised in Leiden, the Netherlands in 1985. In his youth, he was addicted to all the comic books Tintin, Walt Disney, Marvels books and legendary movies like The Godfather, Scarface, Pulp Fiction and James Bond. He loved watching, reading and being totally absorbed in the stories, as if he himself were part of the play.

In 2003 he began studying Law, but after two years he found that he could not put his creativity into this study and decided to quit. In 2005, he began working as an art representative in an art gallery in Amsterdam. During those years, he traveled the world and participated in exhibitions and art fairs for the gallery and found his true passion.

With his experience, artistic acumen and passion for art, he began coming up with designs for his creations. Combining his imagination with the artistic atmosphere in which he lived in recent years. There was no boundary between work and leisure, and he began to build unlimited modes of digital mixed-media art. After his first launch in 2017, he created several series of limited editions that sold out in no time.

This was the beginning of Van Apple's artworks and his career. He took 6 months and released great new series. After his latest releases, he decided to go deeper into the creative sphere and took a single flight to Ibiza. The world's most artistic island was a great success and new things are added regularly. Currently, his artworks are popular with international galleries worldwide, art lovers and investors are intrigued by his style.

Van Apple's art is a combination of digital techniques such as photography and familiar features. The base of the art is aluminum or gold foil, then he adds holograms, colors, glitter, diamonds and other handmade items. All artwork is finished by hand with multiple layers of epoxy. By adding these layers, he can create innovative and unique mix media art with a fantastic 3D effect.