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Ron van Vliet's artworks are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Ron van Vliet

Ron van Vliet makes very varied work. He is always looking for new ways to express himself. He creates paintings, 3d wireframes, and even a portrait constructed from thousands of nails and wire. His paintings are often realistic landscapes, cityscapes and portraits.

Impressions artworks by Ron van Vliet

Amersfoort Art has included some very nice artworks by Ron van Vliet from the Reflections series; very realistic cityscapes with a unique perspective.

Ron: 'Besides visual designer, illustrator, visual artist, animator, snowboarder, runner, film lover, I am also a traveler, reader, father (not necessarily in that order).'After graduating from the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam, I attended the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht (HKU), majoring in Graphic Design. From there I graduated as a graphic designer specializing in Illustration & Typography. I love concept-oriented design. I am versatile and large projects are my thing. I am strong in concept thinking, design, infographics, motion, illustration and image editing. For a number of large projects I have taken care of art direction. After several years in permanent employment at various design agencies, I started working as an independent designer. I have worked on a secondment basis for design agencies, advertising agencies and design departments of large and medium-sized companies such as Wehkamp and Voetbal International. In addition, I have always worked for my own clients. Since 2014 I have been a Senior Designer at NoSuch in Rotterdam, working on large accounts such as Shell, AkzoNobel and Unilever, among others. In addition to being a graphic designer, I am also a visual artist. I paint landscapes, cityscapes and portraits, among other things.'