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Guy Olivier's artworks are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Guy Olivier

Amersfoort Art features a wide selection of paintings by renowned artist Guy Olivier.

Impressions artworks by Guy Olivier

In the scenes of Guy Olivier (Maastricht, 1964) whether they are portraits of lasciviously self-conscious young women or of inebriated night owls who have suddenly seen the light or love, of out-of-control dinners or Fellini-esque circus scenes - everywhere the theatrical exuberance of life is celebrated on canvas and paper.

Everywhere you attend exhibitions by Guy Olivier with an old-fashioned vernissage, the air vibrates and shudders between the visitors' eyes and the variegated canvas.Guy manages to bring his exquisite sense of color and vital and burgundy joie de vivre directly to the canvas.

In doing so, I have always watched the people coming in carefully. That has to do with their explicit presence, of course, but it's mostly because of the immediate appearance of the canvases. Never have I seen anyone walk by the works without amazement, admiration or wide-eyed wonder.