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Ronald Boonacker

Ronald Boonacker (born Amsterdam, 1958) is a Dutch artist. Color, warmth and a sunny outlook on life. These are the three elements that characterize artist Ronald Boonacker, in life and work.

Impressions artworks by Ronald Boonacker

Boonacker is self-taught. For decades he has been traveling the world. In the most diverse places on earth, he is touched by landscapes, tropical beaches, islands, palm trees and sunsets. The immense beauty, the immeasurable grandeur: on the canvas, Boonacker finally found the way to capture the indescribable experience of the nature that surrounds us.

Boonacker works predominantly with acrylic paint in bright hues and with strong color accents, sometimes interspersed with silver or gold. As cosmopolitan as his art is, the basis for his canvases is Dutch traditional still lifes and landscapes.